Pier 9 Residency

  I’m currently part of the Spring 2016 cohort of Autodesk’s Pier 9 artist residency. I’m learning all about CNC and using their amazing 3D printers. Stay tuned for some new digitally fabricated work! Here’s […]

Coded Form

Procedural polygon subdivision using Python and Grasshopper. The recursive process retains a relation to the whole. Created for Satoru Sugihara’s Visual Studies course at SCI-Arc. Check out Sugihara’s tutorials on these techniques.

Rouge Release v1.1.0

The new release version 1.1.0 is TouchDesigner088-compatible and has new features: presets for compositions, LFO-driven controls, new output & mapping tools, a MIDI controller template, and new compositions & filters.

Insights at INST-INT

I presented my work and some of my thoughts about composition for immersive media at INST-INT, a gathering for sharing insights from the field of interactive installation. Here’s a video of my talk:  

Live Visuals for Decibel Festival

I had a ball doing visuals for Decibel Festival this year, adding extra grit to the mix Saturday at Shadowbox SoDo with Astronomar and extra bling Sunday night at Neumos  for nu disco talent Tiger & […]

Ultimate Nerd Server

I worked with [namethemachine] for Bassnectar to make that holy grail of AV performance: the performer can improvise—tempo-warping, jumping around the tracks, live editing the set—and the video stays in perfect sync.

Visuals for Magda at Monarch

For Magda’s deep, minimal techno I designed a set using strong diagonals, neon rays, and audio-driven machines to play along with her versatility of mood and ability to move between funky and spacious.

As Machines Shine

“It is not modern enough, the sound the wind makes stirring a meadow of daisies: the mind cannot shine following it. And the mind wants to shine, plainly, as machines shine, and not grow deep, as, for example, roots.”
-Louise Gluck “Daisies”

Visuals for Paul Oakenfold

For Google IO 2012 Paul Oakenfold performed for the after hours party. Paying homage to the aesthetic of classic trance music, the large-scale visuals transported the viewers and made the convention center into a concert […]

TouchDesigner for Video Performance

I will be teaching a workshop on using TouchDesigner for video performance at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts Tuesdays and Thursdays March 20, 22, 27 & 29th 2012.

Divining Portal

Drawing on the history of the mechanical fortune teller, the Divining Portal “picks” tarot cards for the participant from a 365 card deck of traditional, contemporary,  and satirical tarot cards. Whimsical and seductive, the portal […]


Permutae examines the impact of a shifting technological-biological horizon on both the individual and the larger social body, and how it allows us to change our bodies as it also works to control and classify our bodies.

We All Need

We All Need is a data set that humanizes the Tenderloin: a vivid portrait of the Tenderloin neighborhood composed of the thoughts and needs of people interviewed on its streets.


Ephyrae are a larval, free-swimming medusoid stage of scyphozoans, also known as jellyfish. The idea of Ephyrae suggests tentative new beginnings, transformation, dreams of the ocean, and suspension in liminal space. Installation: video, ceiling projection […]


Hyphae are tubular filaments grown by mycelium to metabolize. Their iterative structures inspired this interactive video floor that grows a mycelium system at one’s feet, connecting to other systems.

Introduction to Max/Jitter

Intro to Max/Jitter for Interactivity and Computer Vision At Langton Labs, 9 Langton SF  |  Tuesday October 13th and Thursday October 15th 7pm – 10pm 2009  |  $80 Max/MSP/Jitter is a graphical programming environment for […]