Category: Media Developer

B+U Apertures at COLA 2015

  B+U principals Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu were selected to receive one of the City of LA 2015 Artist Fellowships in recognition of their exceptional architectural practice. For the exhibition they installed Apertures at the Barnsdall […]

Rouge Release v1.1.0

The new release version 1.1.0 is TouchDesigner088-compatible and has new features: presets for compositions, LFO-driven controls, new output & mapping tools, a MIDI controller template, and new compositions & filters.

Ultimate Nerd Server

I worked with [namethemachine] for Bassnectar to make that holy grail of AV performance: the performer can improvise—tempo-warping, jumping around the tracks, live editing the set—and the video stays in perfect sync.