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Diffuse Objects

Diffuse Objects is a continued exploration of digital ornamentation and the unification of image and surface through translucence and light. This work was made with the support of Autodesk during the Spring 2016 Pier 9 Artist […]

Rouge v1.1.0

Last June I released my own free visual performance software and TouchDesigner programming framework, Rouge. The product of over a year of teaching TouchDesigner workshops and four years of programming show systems in TouchDesigner, this […]

Ultimate Nerd Server

[namethemachine] was commissioned by Bassnectar to develop the Ultimate Nerd Server: a system to run video content in sync with his improvised Ableton performance. [namethemachine] principals Matt Davis and Peter Sistrom reached out to me to […]

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Obscura Digital projection mapped the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi for the United Arab Emirates 40th National Day Celebrations. More from the Obscura Digital website: Read the Derivative blog post: 0 likes

Gilded and Unreal

Gilded and Unreal combines media and surface to blur the physicality and virtuality of the object. The geometry of the surface is manifested through digital fabrication, then brought to life with luminous, pulsing imagery. Conceptually, the […]


Carapace is a real-time immersive audiovisual performance. It is an abstract narrative about the growth and dissolution of the self told through unfolding algorithmic form. Created with Kadet Kuhne, Carapace premiered May 22, 2014 as a full […]

As Machines Shine

As Machines Shine is an installation of liquid colonies of light and a resonant, motion-triggered music composition. This piece was created in response to Kadet Kuhne’s interactive audio installation “Abstracted Reflection” and the two works were installed as […]

Sometimes I Dream the City

Video, paper, programming. 11′ x 7′ All day the people pass along the streets, filling out their duties with anonymous reserve. But at night, ensconced in constructed carapaces, they dream beautiful and terrible things—dreams of […]


Permutae examines the impact of a shifting technological-biological horizon on both the individual and the larger social body, and how it allows us to change our bodies as it also works to control and classify […]

Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly

Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly, is an interactive performance experience investigating surveillance, separation, access and intimacy. Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly is an exploration of instant-access communication as both moderator and interefence in human connectivity. Audiences areinvited […]