As Machines Shine

As Machines Shine is an installation of liquid colonies of light and a resonant, motion-triggered music composition.

This piece was created in response to Kadet Kuhne’s interactive audio installation “Abstracted Reflection” and the two works were installed as one for Physio/Logical August 4, 2012 at Million Fishes Gallery.

The installation is composed of of projected imagery and a sculptural form that contains water. The design for the form is inspired by reflection, refraction, and spatial algorithms. The sculpture is digitally fabricated from wood, and finished with thick, glossy gel acrylic to create a membranous quality on its surface. Real-time generated video resembling water caustics and luminous clusters of light is projected on the surface to bring it to life. The installation suggests the ordered yet teeming quality of organic colonies, whether urban or microscopic, abstracted to a non-specific scale. It draws the viewer into its hypnotic, unfolding rhythms. Kadet’s interactive audio fills the space with pure tones, controlled by infrared sensors and custom software.


Kadet Kuhne, interactive audio
Million Fishes Gallery, 2012
Soundwave Biennial, 2014