Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly

Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly, is an interactive performance experience investigating surveillance, separation, access and intimacy.

Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly is an exploration of instant-access communication as both moderator and interefence in human connectivity. Audiences areinvited to move with LEVYdance through an active space where captured motion, interactive video, and soundscape surrounds the audience and performance space, blurring the line between participant and observer.

“Using web cameras that captured movement in real time, sound, video projections, lighting, and audience participation, the richly textured piece shifted from group effort to solo act, intimacy to loneliness, private moment to an exposed one.  Gripping performances by Levy and Aline Wachsmuth were accompanied by an audience that willingly engaged with them.  Together, the dancers and audience created an environment pulsing with energy and emotional depth, and the superficiality that can interfere with it.” – Dancing Perfectly Free