Sometimes I Dream the City

Video, paper, programming. 11′ x 7′

All day the people pass along the streets, filling out their duties with anonymous reserve. But at night, ensconced in constructed carapaces, they dream beautiful and terrible things—dreams of the city that spill out of their rooms.
The spare, abstract surface of a San Francisco of the mind is rendered in ink on paper and animated with the unseen and ordinarily sublimated psyche of the City. Sometimes I dream the City reveals the dense multiplicity of overlapping, hidden emotional lives and dreams and spins narrative vignettes from strands of nightmares and wisps of moonshine.

Sometimes I dream the City was installed at The Lab as part of “Head of the Table” an art show of former students and collaborators of the late Steve Wilson, one of my teachers at SF State’s Conceptual and Information Arts program.

Special thanks to Benjamin, Brent, Josh, Marilyn, Nevada, Nicole, Reagan, and Robert.