About Rouge

Rouge is a free live visuals platform and TouchDesigner programming framework that works out of the box for video performance and makes it simple to build and share your own FX and realtime 3d compositions.

The central idea of this platform is reusable, interchangeable modules for realtime compositions, filters, and show modules. It comes with a collection of post, glitch, and fx filters, such as ColorMap, Bloom, AudioDisplace, and RGBOffset; and a collection of generative compositions including Moire patterns, GLSL wizardry, and performable 3D graphics. The editor programs make it easy to make your own modules or re-tool existing ones.

Rouge FiltersControlling Rouge is streamlined: besides the on-screen UI, the package comes with plugins for the Korg nanoKontrol, TouchOSC, and a MIDI template for hooking up other controllers. It has built-in audio analysis, Plus it integrates Kantan mapper and grid warp tools for ease of projection mapping and output configuration.

Rouge is a formalized version of a performance platform I developed for my own installations and performances. After my first few shows with custom-built programs with each cue or effect individually mapped to my controller, I was determined to make a more flexible, reusable tool. And as a teacher, I wanted my students to have an example of a complete TouchDesigner program that they could build on.

My hope is that the TouchDesigner community can use this programming framework as a jumping-off point for beginners and to more easily share tools and ideas.


Thanks: Huge thanks to my first TouchDesigner teachers Mike Creighton, Grady Sain, and Steve Mason; to all the wonderful folks at Obscura Digital, Derivative and GAFFTA;
& all of the artists in my life who have guided my practice, especially Paula Levine.



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