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In addition to being a performance tool, Rouge is also a programming framework. You can use it to make and share your own filters and compositions.

Creating compositions is more advanced than creating filters: the possibilities are wide open, but it is also less obvious how to get started. Compositions are collections of geometry, cameras and materials, which can be created and controlled in a multitude of ways.

Assuming you know a little about programming in TouchDesigner, including use of geometry, materials, variables, and assigning channel data to parameters, this is how you make your own composition:

In your Rouge directory, open CompositionEditor.toe

The top window is the inside of the composition. This is the network you will edit to create a new comp. The bottom window has controls for manipulating the composition as you build it and a field for naming. While editing, be sure not to delete the camera, highlighted red.


Just like filters, compositions are an example of using abstracted control input. Controls are available as variables and as CHOP data. In addition to the direct slider values, there are controls available that allow for the use of sliders as velocity. These have the prefix “speed_”. Remember that the meta Speed slider acts as a scalar on all of the speed values, and the Audio volume control acts as a scalar on all of the audio values (b1, b2, & b3). As a convention, I assign the A slider or speed_A to the primary effect or animation of the composition.

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