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Showtime. Here is a quick look at how to set up your output and use some of the included show modules.


Edit the Monitor and Projector resolutions to match your setup. To see the output, click Enable Output. With the Simple show module, the output is not altered. But if you are projecting off-axis or projection mapping a surface, the other modules will be useful.

To use the Keystone show module, select it from the drop-down menu.


Edit, Save, and Reset buttons will appear next to the Enable Output button. Click Edit to open the keystone table. Edit the values in the table by clicking on it and editing. Middle mouse clicking will let you scroll through values. When you are satisfied, click Save. Once you have saved your keystone table, it will load every time you load the Keystone show module. You can click Reset and Save to reset your module.

Kantan mapper is a projection mapping tool built by Markus Heckmann of Derivative. It is integrated into Rouge as a single panel and triptych mapping surfaces.  For other projection mapping projects, you will need to edit the network, but you can use these show modules as example templates. Upon loading a Kantan show module, click Edit to open the Kantan edit window.



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